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Artist: Blue Stone
Release Date: January 31, 2006

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Blue Stone's sound resonates with ambrosial melodies, opulent piano interludes and seductive siren vocals; interweaving a tapestry of enigmatic story-telling. The music transcends from the speakers; at once epic and grand, then suddenly subdued and reflective. From the start, “Breathe” creates an invigorating aural assault; launching intricate electronic soundscapes married with crystal clear operatic vocals by Darcy. Indigenous percussion rhythms morph into sweeping electronic nuances creating a paradox of aural delight for your ears. Delicate chimes, whispering voices and even Gregorian chant mingle cohesively with soaring strings, ebbing basslines and robust themes of time and life itself. “Breathe” exudes pop sensibilities within the finely crafted songs, yet reaches out into the far depths of electronic, gothic and classical ideals without compromising any integrity. Blue Stone is the cullmination of two passionate producers; Robert Smith (producer mastermind of Bella Sonus) and Bill Walters; along with guest vocals by the Classically trained Darcy. As Blue Stone; they have created an album that defies genre classification. “Breathe”' is a must for any avid music fan. Available NOW for digital download EXCLUSIVELY at iTunes.
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  Confession Sample Track
2 .
  Breathe Sample Track
3 .
  Break of Dawn Sample Track
4 .
  Falling Sample Track
5 .
  The River Sample Track
6 .
  I Am Sample Track
7 .
  Forgiven Sample Track
8 .
  Only One Sample Track
9 .
  Holy Ground Sample Track
10 .
  Searching Sample Track
11 .
  Contact Sample Track
12 .
  Dusk Sample Track
13 .
  Traveler Sample Track
14 .
  Lost Sample Track
15 .
  New Beginning Sample Track

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